It has been about twenty months passed since New York City was first hit by Coronavirus. So many things have been changed since then, and now, little by little, some of those many things are coming back. I do not mean “literally as before Coronavirus,” though.

I miss museums and galleries the most. I cannot stop by them anytime as I used to. I need a reservation. Viewing prior to photography auctions is also by appointment, and it is required to specify lot numbers of interest. All lots are not on view (except online) as it used to be.

Ironically, I re-realized that New York City is the city of “dining out.” People are deeply dependent on restaurant business, from operation through dining as a customer. Indoor dining is 100% back with vaccine certificate, but “outdoor dining area” has been a new trademark of New York City restaurant scene.

It is interesting to see those outdoor dining area, especially while not in operation. It is supposed to be open-air, so you can see everything inside. There is something new going on; temporary table settings which you will never know how long they would last.

To me, it is almost like looking at installations in museums or galleries. A new “artistic” feature of New York City. KT

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