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Recently, I had a chance to try Kodak Alaris Ektachrome E100, a color reversal film, re-introduced sometime last year. I pulled out my old film Leicas, and loaded the film. A light meter in my camera bag. It had been quite a while since last time I regularly worked with film camera, which could be four, five years ago.

Surprisingly and unexpectedly, there were some new findings, maybe only possible after significant experience with digital photography. Handling mechanical film camera is amazingly, curiously fun. Measuring light; winding film; setting exposure and checking film counter, they are all integrated into one action: photographing. It is a pleasant concentration of mind.

Very refreshing to see my photograph in color

I had been long cursed by the fact: film photography takes so, so long before being able to show results. It is true if you process black and white film and print paper all by yourself, but not if you work with reversal film. Dropping your film at the lab, then you can see the result in a day or two. Scanning is easy. I realized that I should practice film photography more often, even without traditional wet darkroom.

Through past four years with digital Leica, I have become an “ultimate inconspicuous shooter.” Now I can photograph in a few seconds, pulling out and putting camera back to my bag. My visual sensitivity has become super responsive, but shooting with film Leica, I started to give up being inconspicuous. I simply need time to finish my job. Now with legit visual sensitivity from digital photography.

What is going to happen, by practicing as such? I don’t know, but will keep working both with digital and film simultaneously. Way to go! KT

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