In my impression, film Leica has more accurate viewfinder than digital Leica

(Somewhat continued from my old blog post)

About the same time last year, I was trying out Kodak Alaris Ektachrome E100 Professional film. Now, since I shipped my digital Leica M Monochrom for sensor maintenance, I am back shooting with the same film.

In daily life, there are still restrictions due to Coronavirus, but I enjoy shooting with “all mechanical” film Leica M4-2. Reading light with my handy reflective lightmeter is not so redundant as digital spotmeter. I can also look for some colors. Scanning processed color reversal films is a good routine, although my scanner is not the best. Thank god a good professional lab is still in operation in the city.

Ultimately, there must be no practical difference between shooting digital and film. Of course with film, you cannot check the image immediately after you photograph. You need to wait until you finish and process the roll. However, it is just the matter of shorter or longer wait. Eventually, you obtain and keep the images.

The truth is simple. Forget everything, and keep shooting. KT

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