Future of photography might be in mirrorless cameras. They no longer need precision optical or mechanical parts internally, similar to video cameras. Most of camera manufacturers reformed their line-ups with mirrorless cameras, no matter they are of 35mm full-size or APS-C format.

Two lenses and a mirrorless camera, all of which are from different brands. With lens mount adapters.

“Hidden” fact of mirrorless camera is the “shortness” of its flange focal distance. You can use any older lenses by filling the gap with appropriate “lens mount adapter.” None of those camera manufacturers produce “trans-brand” lens mount adapters, but instead, Chinese manufacturers do.

I own old Olympus OM Zuiko lenses, and it is simply great finding a new way to shoot with those lenses and a mirrorless camera. I know. Olympus Micro Four-Thirds sensor is too small, merely one-fourth of 35mm full-size. I do not enjoy my standard 50mm lens as “telephoto 100mm.”

I thank K&F Concept, the Chinese photographic accessory manufacturer. Now, I can see through Leica lenses, too! KT

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