A while ago, I heard the news that Canon will no longer produce flagship DSLR cameras. They will focus on flagship mirrorless cameras. So, at least for Canon, mirrorless camera is their future. Anytime sooner or later, all the small format cameras will be mirrorless only, I strongly believe. Although lenses are optical elements yet, cameras will become “video cams” with still capability.

I own a Canon EOS R mirrorless camera. Now that Canon EF lens is not their first priority, I wondered I shall try one of Canon RF lenses. So, I obtained the least expensive RF lens to see how the futuristic camera would feel in full operation, not with my old lenses.

The lens behaves much better in manual focus, if I can spend ample time. In a glimpse of time shooting, it is a disaster.

I believe current mirrorless cameras shall be operated basically in “full automatic.” Any manual functions are supposed to be “optional and supplemental” only.

I was a bit surprised that the viewfinder always looks “turned-off” black when I start shooting. Plus, the lens begins operating from “out-of-focus.” So, my futuristic mirrorless camera always stays “not quite ready” whenever I hold it. My older manual focus lenses behave better, since I can preset the focus.

My impression of mirrorless camera in full operation was far from satisfactory. I simply want to photograph. Sadly, I have no time to enjoy whole handling of a camera. And, my camera shall follow me proactively, not arbitrarily or accidentally. KT

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