Fifth Avenue, Winter 1893″ is the title of Alfred Stieglitz’s masterpiece. Although it is said to have been criticized by then fellow photographers “blurred and not sharp,” the photograph shows a horse carriage in severe snow storm with movement. It is a great photograph.

Although knowing that it was photographed on Fifth Avenue, New York, recently I have seriously searched what exact spot Stieglitz was photographing the masterpiece at. As a matter of fact, it was not that difficult, especially after finding out A.T. Stewart Mansion and Astor Residence on west of Fifth Avenue at 34th Street. It was already a famous corner of the city even before the Empire State Building.

Fifth Avenue is now one way, going south. I stepped into the road to photograph the view. Stieglitz must be roaming around me some 130 years ago. A sweet encounter. KT

Fifth Avenue, Winter 2020. Almost everything changed, but I see some buildings stay there for 130 years.

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