After nine years, it showed up as nothing has been changed. Precious.

Recently, I salvaged my last piece of cameras from self-storage. It is a SINAR f2, 4″x5″ large format camera. Mainly during 2000s, I used to photograph architecture and interiors with it. Since I didn’t quite feel need to use it, I put it in self-storage in 2014. Now, nine years passed, and I re-encountered with the camera.

Large format camera is a very straightforward piece of gadget. Nothing fancy as auto-focus, auto-exposure, or even “Live View.” Everything you can control visually is right in front of you physically. I have been photographing with smaller cameras, film and digital, but large format camera shows me what photography is all about.

I am not sure what I am going to photograph with it yet, but it would convey another meaning under current digital dominance. Must be a pleasure. KT


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