When I was working with film, occasionally I opened my book of contact sheets and viewed each image again and again. It was like reading my familiar book, and likewise, I found something new almost every time in them. Some images could be not so strong enough for my fresh eyes then, or I had to wait until I appreciate them right.

Although not contact sheets, this time I reviewed again seriously my digital files photographed in 2016 and 2017. Luckily, I found more than a few which drew my attention. I would like to show them, which is only available by clicking the button below. Hope you would enjoy! KT


I began photographing experimentally when I was twenty years old, and continued photographing entirely with film until early 2016, when I switched photographing with digital Leica.

Photography is an art particularly based on knowledge. The more you know, the more possibility you could seek. Sometimes I am amazed by how proficient notable past photographers were upon photographic process and chemistry.

When I began photographing seriously, I was aware of the importance of formulating chemicals by myself, such as D-76 for film development, and D-72 (aka Dektol) for paper development. I also paid attention to archival process issued by Kodak and Ilford. My original prints in “Classics” shall last as long as two hundred years.

Compared to digital photography, darkroom work is quite redundant and wearying. You may think why such a process is necessary. However, when you see the beauty in true black and white photographs, it is absolutely worth exercising the practice. And, those prints will last for two hundred years! KT

Some viewers of my website may think, “Why does this guy only show black and white photographs on his website?” I would like to explain.

I do not photograph with normal digital cameras, which would capture in color. My digital camera is Leica M Monochrom, which only allows you to capture in black and white. You may be freaked out, or unable to understand what I just described. There is such a kind of camera. I do not follow how it is made, though.

I had been photographing with black and white films for over twenty years before I switched to digital (I still own darkroom gadgets!). I could continue photographing with normal digital cameras, but I prefer visual restriction without color. It is still important for me to see in black and white in front of the subject. For the love of black and white photographs.

For those who know more about Leica: mine is not M Monochrom Typ. 246. Typ. 246 is bulkier, and with very unnecessary black and white video feature. I am a photographer, not a videographer! KT


My Leica M Monochrom with Voigtländer optical viewfinder. Photographed by normal digital camera.



Highway after storm near sunset

Here we go. My first “new” blog post. Yay!

My domain name server’s decision led me to learn something new about website building application, BoldGrid with WordPress. Took a while, but I think I could manage.

I know I am not a great blogger, and only had a bad experience with it, such as automated marketing comments. Hope this time it won’t happen. Anyway, it is simply nice to celebrate with my new looking website! KT