On New Year’s Day, I believe no one could ever imagined that year 2020 was going to be like this. We are now in the middle of historic pandemic disaster. Literally no one can get away from this serious situation. New York City is one of the most devastated cities in the world.

To my surprise, my life has experienced the minimal impact even in this situation: I do not commute or work in office; I just walk around and photograph here and there. However nowadays, I live my life strictly within walking range. No subway or bus ride. I can have no luxury to travel anywhere, even a day trip.

Looking up, I can still find something bright and good.

After 9/11, I experienced a decade long difficulty working with my photography. I once even became hesitant to pull out a camera out of my bag, simply for public security reason (of course, I am no terrorist; camera is not a gun!). Different, but now I experience another difficulty. The city is almost “dead,” exposing a totally different side that I had never expected to see. People now have no face, covering overall.

Nevertheless, the only thing I can do is to photograph, no matter how difficult I may feel to. I would look up, and hope for the better. Please stay safe, healthy, and upward.


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