Late cherry blossom in the Berkshires, MA

A few months ago, when I was told by the domain name administrator that I would have to recreate my homepage with new website builder, I was a bit uneasy. However, by learning BoldGrid with WordPress as quickly as possible, it turned out to be surprisingly easy, and my new homepage looks better than either of my two previous homepages, I believe. They were built over a decade, and the website building applications were not that convenient back then.

Previously, whenever I added my blog page, it was flooded with spam comments. After a while, I was always forced to close it overall. Now, it is a bit different. I still can put up my blog page. Thanks to the current internet technology.

The only consistent problem is that I don’t really receive any comment on my blog, except spam ones. It may be all right. This could be my self-expression. I thank everyone who would read my blog. KT

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