I began photographing experimentally when I was twenty years old, and continued photographing entirely with film until early 2016, when I switched photographing with digital Leica.

Photography is an art particularly based on knowledge. The more you know, the more possibility you could seek. Sometimes I am amazed by how proficient notable past photographers were upon photographic process and chemistry.

When I began photographing seriously, I was aware of the importance of formulating chemicals by myself, such as D-76 for film development, and D-72 (aka Dektol) for paper development. I also paid attention to archival process issued by Kodak and Ilford. My original prints in “Classics” shall last as long as two hundred years.

Compared to digital photography, darkroom work is quite redundant and wearying. You may think why such a process is necessary. However, when you see the beauty in true black and white photographs, it is absolutely worth exercising the practice. And, those prints will last for two hundred years! KT

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